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Yeni bir sayfada sana bakmak


Beni Yakışına

O esrarlı yangına bu can nasıl dayandı?
Sahile vurdu kalbim,su yandı,kum da yandı.
Bir mum gibi eriyip aktı uykusuzluğum,
Ölüme başkaldıran dertli uykum da yandı.
Yurdundan mahrum edip dolaştırdın Cem gibi.
Ruhumla söndü alev,sonra ruhum da yandı.


Sen Olmasaydın

Sen Olmasaydın
Sensin bu gönlümün yönü mekanı
Bende ar olmazdı sen olmasaydın
Ak nergizler sana aksın dağlarda
Balda sır olmazdı sen olmasaydın



Saate bakmaksızın, kapısını çalabileceği, bir dostu olmalı insanın… Nereden çıktı bu saatte dememeli…
Bir gece, telaşla yataktan fırladığın da; Gözünün dilini bilmeli; Dinlemeli sormadan, söylemeden anlamalı…
Arka bahçede varlığını sezdirmeden, müte-madiyen, dikilen vefalı bir ağaç köklenmeli hayatın da;
Sen, her daim onun orada olduğunu, hissetmelisin; İhtiyaç duyduğun da gidip, müşfik gövdesine yaslanabilmeli, kovuklarına saklanabilmelisin…

Devamı project

In order to attach images or details whenever necessary, I sent the images with this text.

I want to establish a network of advertisement web sites.

However; I don’t want either WordPress or system support. I am a senior manager in WordPress Turkey. In order to support WordPress, I have translated approximately 200 theme and more than 100 plug-in into Turkish voluntarily. This means I am not unfamiliar to WordPress 🙂

Only, I want to theme editing against payment. all of the features and more ..

The most important point is that I want an aesthetic and elegant web site.
People who enter to the web site should be impressed and say “Wow, what a marvellous and high quality web site”.
Theme of the web site should be proprietary. People who see the web site developer should not be able to reach you. In the web site, you shouldn’t give any link 🙂

I will buy these themes and send to you or make payment for them and send the membership information to you and you will download these themes.
My wish and request from you is, by protecting all features of the nova theme, cladding this theme to classipress theme.
In other words, make the features of classipress theme same as the nova theme, colour etc. of classipress can remain unchanged 🙂
We will use all shortcodes of nova theme, for example; we will use the gallery system of nova theme at the advertisement display of classipress theme.

Here is a trick, for the main site a special interface, layout is necessary.
We will do redirection from the main site to more than 10 web sites which are established in separate directories; in the main site no advertisement will be published.
In the main site there will be membership, home page, and topic list of the sub websites, person who clicks on sign up link will be redirected to list of sub websites. When the user clicks on the name of the website that he/she selects, he/she will be redirected to that sub website’s membership and sign-up page. Same situation will be valid when give an advertisement button is clicked at the main website. The purposes of the main web site are redirection and home page.

Furthermore I am open to your suggestions, ideas and demands; I will listen and try to obey.
How can we do this, how much will it cost? I am not in a hurry but approximately how long will it take?
Thank you, have a good day. Hope to correspond again.

My requests…
I don’t insist on them, if you refuse or offer anything else and if it is acceptable, I will be fine with me

Theme, page source, directories are to be not retrievable.
Special, in detail, esthetical, high quality, sign up and home page that all information could be entered and only entrance of the e-mail address is mandatory. The person who logs off is redirected to main page.
There will be advertisement form integration with imageshack (plug-in – code).
There will be automatic image load for paid subscriptions with imageshack.
Benefit from the ones which can use the features of function.php and adjustments.
There are hologram stamps that are set on the images automatically.
There will be a smart, separate label page that shows every label.
Writings and advertisements that are added to site pages in facebook, friendfeed and twitter will automatically be added.
Images are not to be retrievable from other web sites.
Help page link and button.
Automatic image resize.
It is compatible with every internet browser.
cache + Image Caching
Theme is to be not copiable.
Full Language support for utf-8
There will be an elegant and special error page.
logo. (TEXT:

At the top and at the bottom there will be buttons on a slim band.
Top band;
At the right; Welcome, Membership Login, (after login, name of the member and profile (go, my advertisements etc.) buttons that appears as like facebook)
Main page, about us (about us and blog is opened when the mouse is over contact) links
At the left; Help and Access (when the mouse is over it; Site Map, FAQ, Terms of Use, Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, Tips of Secure Shopping) links.
At the bottom, there will be a band at the footer.
Site Map | Terms of Use | Membership Agreement | Privacy Policy | Tips of Secure Shopping | Contact | Buttons for WordPress and Site Copyright icons | Go Back to Top |

Only home page and categories button and Category page display in detail and button for it (Sort of achieve page) sitemap button
Sign Up and Open a Shop |
Advertise for free | buttons (large)

(who makes payment and opens a shop) A member writer can use his/her web page as a shop, and his/her advertisements will be archived aesthetically.
A member can edit his/her advertisements, can change them as “sold” or “sold by the agency of web site x”, for this feature there should be a sold logo that shows “we sold”. Nevertheless, a member is not to be able to delete advertisements…
For each writer an automatically created writer page, that is garish and says this member will use here as a shop.
Detailed, elegant, separate templates are needed for writer and shop pages.
Except, these pages will not visible unless the administrator activates them, so as to make these pages and buttons visible in the writer’s profile, the writer must open a paid shop.
Personal information is that is filled optionally, will contain everything, such as telephone, address etc. The user will whether fill up this form during the sign up process.
Members can use and upload special avatars other than gravatar (logo upload facility for members who open a shop)

At two or three columns, if possible all fields will be tab by tab.
In the theme used in main website, at menu part, menus will be created with the names of sub websites, and these menus will be redirected to related sub website.
At the main website, writings from sub websites will be listed, and whoever clicks on these will be redirected to related sub website.
In the theme used in main website, there will be listed a number of advertisements and by means of continue link redirection is done to the related sub website.
In the theme used in main website, when advertise for free link is clicked, redirection will be done to a special site map. And from this site map redirection will be done to the related sub website advertisement form (this situation is valid for also sign up)
For this page and all pages, at the top and at the bottom, there will be a very thin menu – button field.
For this page and all pages, under the top band field mentioned above, advertise for free, create a great free shop buttons menu band will be exist.
When the mouse is brought closer to advertise for free, create a great free shop buttons an explanation will appear..
Welcome about us text, why should I be a member and open a shop notice text.
There will be category page display in detail and button (sort of archive – sitemap page)
At main pages, there will be random display of the last 50 advertisement, whenever the page is refreshed.
Follow and notify new advertisements, subscribe button – feature.
Be a member, sign in, shops (a page that lists all of the writers) and give an advertisement buttons.
At the main page member – shop advertisements is displayed at a separate tab.
There will be part for signed in member, edit profile, my advertisements etc buttons.
Donate to this website via paypal button

It will be consisting of two columns; fields will be tab by tab.
Advertisement display field will be shaped as tab, such as advertisement details, images and videos, tab by tab.
When the writer enters to his/her own advertisement page, in the profile field there will be new advertisement, update advertisement, delete advertisement, go to profile buttons.
Add the advertisement to twitter, facebook, friendfeed etc. button, facebook like button, separate for site and texts.
For each text there will be four separate tabs as report this, contact form, advertiser contact information, advertiser profile.
Advertisement owner information field is not to be indexed by Google.
Follow and notify new advertisements, subscribe button – feature.
At each text, there will be read for secure shopping notice.
There will be why should I be a member and open a shop notice.
There will be a search feature at the advertisement, which allows to search at that category.
There will be an expression that says “this advertisement is updated at x date lastly”.
Send message to the member button and system (at one of the tabs)
Print, pdf and send buttons.
Elegant writing and the advertisement label list will be tiny.
There will be very elegant buttons.
There will be buttons so as to revisit the last visited advertisement for the visitor.

It will be consist of two columns.
Paid advertisements which appear here will have a special style.
For this page and all pages, under the top band field mentioned above, advertise for free, create a great free shop buttons menu band will be exist.
When the mouse is brought closer to advertise for free, create a great free shop buttons an explanation will appear:
Welcome about us text, why should I be a member and open a shop notice text.
There will be why should I be a member and open a shop notice.
There will be category page display in detail and button (sort of archive page)
At search and advanced search, there will be search by date, price, year, model and image features.
Results for a category will be a list, results for all website searches will be separate lists at each tab according to the category, between the tabs there will be horizontal advertisement.
For job advertisement there will be an archive page that contains thin, aesthetical writing.
In archive, search listing options and buttons will be as by date, price, year, city, model and image.
There will be buttons so as to revisit the last visited advertisement for the visitor.
There will be my favourite advertisements button.

In comment editor, comments will be tab by tab.
User comments will be in different colours.
Replies to the comment should not become smaller; they will be at same size with replied comment.

It will be a css design which is stylized, visual, not straining eyes, plain, using minimum number of images as much as possible.
For pages including such as notice and rules (for example, site rules) at every page, at the end of rules text there will be contact, give advertisement links – buttons.
Plain, pastel colours will be used in order not to strain the eyes of the users.
All of the forms and fields such as rules will be usable without loading the full page, when a comment is entered only that comment can be visible.
When contact form is used, only the message will be updated, likewise when advertisement form is used, only the advertisement will be updated.
Full page will not be reloaded; all of the forms will be at their place, opened in a sliding fashion, complete the transfer at their place without causing the page being reloaded. Separate, comprehensive and special sign up and home pages will also behave like this, sign up page will open at its place and at the end of sign up, and it will be closed by the user.
Visually optimizing advertisement and advertiser information field and making it esthetical.
There will be a reasonable font size, as small as possible.
For login an aesthetical pop up window… Maybe…
All of the links will be opened at a new window.
There will be return to previous page button.
Now you are here part (breadcrumbs)
There will be special style for paid advertisements.
At sign up and home pages there will we security notice.
At address bar:
Appearing of the address above is necessary for your security. (logo)

At the top and at the bottom of the website pages, there will be great fields for prospective advertisements in the future.
There will be corner band advertisement at bottom, top, left or right edges of the website, whenever the page is refreshed and optionally visible.
Random advertisement display is possible.
Theme, optionally, can be leaned to either left or right, advertisements can be taken to the free spaces.
When copying is done in the web site, there will be an automatically loaded continue on reading, copyright code.
There will be a pop-up advertisement at home page which is optionally visible.

At the bottom part of the form, codes for adding website introduction logo to your web site: at the bottom
I agree to the terms of use by making a post. It should be ticked (I admit web site’s terms of use) (its tick will be checked by the user)
Information about the advertiser field, under these fields near each field that the user may want to use, there will be notice messages visible with tooltip.
As like at the address, near post ad title (See examples of good title) there will be tooltip notices appears when clicked.
There will be facility to give link for the advertisement from YouTube or any other important websites, display of the videos for the text.
Advertisement form will be consisting of two separate parts, at the top mandatory fields at the bottom optional fields.
Rules and agreements in the advertisement form can be collapsible in order to be readable at proper point.
Under the text editor at give an advertisement part, there will be I read the terms of use and accept notice and approval tick.
At advertisement form, there will be a text entrance field and feature which is only visible by website members.
There will be field in the advertisement that offers to add website link for the user.
There will be character limit for the editor.
There will be notice implying that writing something is necessary for the empty forms such as comment form or contact form etc.
We offer service for a wide range of categories such as selling or buying car, estate, commercial goods, or promotion of goods.
In advertisement form, advertisement preview, images could also be visible.
In advertisement form, at the bottom, there will be optional donation part; I mean donate to website with paypal part.
For advertisement form, there will be a security code system, except from recaptcha.
In advertisement form, image attachment feature will be more aesthetical; by clicking on the image uploading that image will be possible.

What are your offers? I am open to your suggestions?
Can we use Google search… is customization possible?
What do you think about internal messaging system between members?
What do you think about English- Turkish choices?

I am not in a hurry, please feel comfortable.

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